The CCN Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss

While CCN isn’t a “weight loss” program, we do believe many people will find their goal weight with consistency and time.

In this on-demand masterclass we're shedding light on the science, and a few CCN approved hacks, that can help get you there faster.

You're eating well and exercising regularly... but you're still not losing the weight. What gives?!?

You're not alone in this. This can feel incredibly defeating, but I can help you identify why this is happening, and what to do next.

Are you with me?

You're really focused on health and losing weight, and that might look like...

  • Cutting carbs, sugar, and everything else you used to love
  • Hitting Orange Theory 4 - 5 times a week
  • ​Intermitten Fasting
  • ​Being super diligent on that Keto diet 😱
  • ​Tracking every single thing you put in your mouth

Or maybe you've been following CCN for a while, so you've stopped restricting and overworking your body and are now combining macros and eating intuitively... but you're not seeing the scale budge. 🥴 Or maybe it's even gone up since you've allowed yourself to eat all the macronutrients (including carbs).

Hey friend, here's a secret that very few (especially diet culture) are willing to admit.

Calories In vs. Calories Out DOES NOT equal Weight Loss

It's more nuanced than that and has everything to do with...

  • Your stress level
  • ​Past traumas
  • ​Hormonal imbalances
  • ​Age & muscle loss
  • ​The length of time since gaining weight
  • ​The type of fat you're carrying
  • ​Cortisol dysregulation
  • ​Genetics
  • ​Medications
  • ​Lifestyle choices & toxic load
  • ​Inflammation
  • ​And more...

"But Cara..." you might be thinking.

"How am I supposed to know which of those factors affect me? Like what type of fat I'm carrying, or whether I have inflammation? All of this feels overwhelming."

You've come to the right place.

I've pulled together all of my research on the science of weight loss, as well as HOW to identify your risk factors, and begin to heal and lose the weight in a healthy and sustainable way. The CCN way.

The CCN approach is different. And it works.


I'm Cara Clark,

Founder of Cara Clark Nutrition (CCN)

I’ve helped over 20,000 households -- from moms to celebrities, college students to Olympic athletes, retired seniors to business moguls. I’m a certified sports and clinical nutritionist. 

I began studying nutrition when I was a professional college athlete wanting to understand how to properly fuel my body. After discovering much of the available nutritional information was geared toward men, it ignited my passion: educating women on proper health and nutrition.

CCN is dedicated to whole-person health.

At CCN, we want your most dependent measurement to be based on how you physically feel. 

That’s a question you can ask yourself daily and weekly and you get to be the judge, not some overrated scale. Feeling the difference comes from a strong intuitive connection with your whole health.

That being said, we know this topic is important to you, and I want to be the one to guide you on this journey.


The CCN Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss

In this masterclass, we'll cover:

Feeling and Understanding the CCN Difference

Feeling the difference comes from a strong intuitive connection with your whole health. We'll share ways we would like you to consider how you feel when assessing overall health and progress.

Factors that affect weight loss

Weight loss is never 100 percent physical. If it were, it would be terribly easy to achieve. If we don’t address the exact factor within months or years of it happening, our liver and kidneys and entire metabolic system all make changes to adapt to our behavior. That does not mean it is not irreversible, but truly understanding where you're starting from makes a difference in your journey.

The different types of weight loss

Have you ever heard the term "water weight"? We'll cover the different types of weight loss, and which one you should be working towards. Spoiler alert: It's not water weight.

The different types of fat

Did you know that there are different types of fat in our bodies? And not all of them are "bad". We'll share the different types as well as how to determine which one you're carrying around.

Hormones that affect weight loss

It’s not just female reproductive hormones wreaking havoc in our bodies! There are many other hormones that affect whether we can lose weight easily or not. 

Reasonable weight loss expectations

FAD diets like Optavia, Atkins, Keto, Beach Body, and so many more often "work" in the short run by promoting severe restriction. This causes the body to lose weight quickly, which gives us the false belief that the weight should just "melt off". Healthy, sustainable weight loss (where you're healing your hormones and not depriving your body of macro nutrients) takes time but is worth it.

Lifestyle adjustments

We all have vices or bad habits that are contradictory to our goals. Oftentimes, you hear the 80/20 rule or ‘one cheat day a week’. Here at CCN we call that grace. It’s not a planned, set time that we’re going to slip up, but more so that we are just living life! Give yourself grace so you can move forward. Our lifestyle choices do have an impact on our desired outcome, though! We'll explore things to eliminate or reduce as well as things to improve or increase.


We have some amazing supplements and therapeutic suggestions for you! As always, they are supplemental and won’t make much of a difference unless used regularly alongside a consistent, foundational healthy lifestyle approach, like CCN.

Five CCN hacks to improve your weight loss potential

We're excited to share some CCN approved tips and hacks that could potentially improve your weight loss ability.

When to seek additional support

After a certain timeframe, if you're not noticing that you're on a path towards the results you've been hoping for, it may be time to take a deeper look inside to see what is going on. We'll share when to seek support, as well as some support options we recommend.

Bonus: CCN Weight Loss PDF Guide

We've pulled together all of this amazing content into a 20 page guide for you to keep and refer back to as many times as you would like!

Bonus: Community Specific Guidance

While this class was recorded live, participants asked some very specific questions around weight loss with specific circumstances including Menopause, Insomnia, Wake times, and more! You get to hear Cara talk about how she would approach these situations specifically! 

If you're stuck, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel... wait.

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The CCN Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss

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The A's to your Q's

How will I access this Masterclass?

The masterclass was recently recorded live on Zoom. After you purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with more information on how to access the replay as well as the PDF Guide. Very soon we will house this masterclass and guide materials inside of our learning platform.

I can't make it live, will the replay be sent out?

Yes! We'll send out the recording of the masterclass along with all resources after the class is complete. It's yours to consume at your leisure again and again.

I already received the PDF guide along with the Fresh Start 2023 challenge, but I also want to attend the workshop. Do I have to pay full price?

You're in luck! We're so glad you've joined us for the most recent CCN challenge and are loving the 20 page guide. We'd love to have you attend the masterclass with the live Q&A at the end, and are happy to extend a discount code. Just email support@caraclarknutrition.com and once you're verified, we'll send you the coupon code!

CCN has never discussed weight loss specifically. What changed and why now?

It's true, we've been pretty adamant in the past that we don't focus on a number on the scale, but rather how we feel in our bodies. Our philosophy is based on the science of stabilizing your blood sugar. Eating for a stable blood sugar keeps your body working optimally, burning fat as fuel, as well as preventing hundreds of diseases. To keep your blood sugar stable, all 3 macros (carbs, proteins, and fat) should be eaten together. We take the guesswork out of calculating and tracking with our cookbooks and challenges.

Often times people come to CCN after trying to maintain restrictive diets for years. Because of this, their hormones are out of whack and when learning how to tap into intuitive eating, adding back a missing macronutrient into their diet (mainly carbs), and eating more frequently, some people may experience a plateau or even weight gain. It's important to us that our community understand the underlying causes of weight gain, the factors that would make weight loss difficult, and ways they can bio-hack the system to reach their goals. 

Will I receive a physical guide in the mail?

No, you will not. All the resources associated with this masterclass are digital and access will be delivered via email. Many people choose to print our cookbooks and guides to have on hand while in the the kitchen. But if you really do 💗 receiving snail mail, our monthly members receive a monthly recipe delivered directly to their home. 
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