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The CCN Difference
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Helping you fall in love with food & your body.
Real food. Real people. Real results.

It's NOT a Diet.  It's a Lifestyle.

Let us show you how to integrate healthy habits into every aspect of your life.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you eat less and restrict the good stuff, right?


Women come to me with the same problem: they’re eating less food but gaining more weight.

What's really happening is, they're: 

  • Restricting foods and feeling awful
  • Losing energy and operating in a brain fog
  • Cutting carbs and constantly hungry
  • Hitting the 3 p.m. slump and turning to caffeine and sugar to make it through the day
  • Blood sugar is all over the place
  • Severe hormonal imbalances
  • Stressed and they’re tired.

But more than anything, they're overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition advice available online and experiment with quick-fix diets.

Health isn’t all about weight loss.

Health is a result of your habits.

It’s a misconception that we have to eat less to lose weight.

Most women are underfeeding themselves -- they’re not eating enough calories.

Are you ready to understand more about real food and nutrition?

It’s time to be engaged in your health. 

The foundation of CCN is a non-diet approach to eating.

Studies show people who diet again and again regain the weight, and typically end up at a higher body weight.

Diets create a controlling relationship with food.

CCN is designed around food freedom.

We encourage you to still indulge in a “restricted food” on occasion. A “cheat meal” is part of our 80% rule. If you can eat the CCN way 80% of the time, you’re on track to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Most diet plans don’t allow for error, so one slip up and people feel they’re off the wagon, fall back into old habits and are left discouraged.
CCN is a sustainable, long-term lifestyle choice. 

“It’s my deepest passion to teach about wellness as a whole and help people understand their bodies.”

- Cara Clark

The CCN Difference Makers Membership

The step-by-step, daily framework to transform your health

$49.99/mo or $499/yr

$29.99/mo or $299/yr

limited time beta pricing!

CCN is dedicated to whole-person health.

Using holistic, integrative methods paired with science-backed nutrition research, my philosophy is total wellness. CCN engages the mind, body and spirit.

A CCN membership will support you in creating long-term, consistent habits. 

 By adopting a new, healthy lifestyle supported by CCN, you may protect yourself from health problems, lower your risk of thyroid-related diseases, diabetes, obesity, allergies and disordered eating. 

The CCN team -- lead by Cara -- will give you the tools, support and inspiration.

Inside the Membership

Complete Recipe Directory

Members will have immediate access to a database of CCN macro-balanced meals. CCN recipes are not flavorless chicken and steamed broccoli. CCN meals are filling, flavorful, delicious meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family

Recipes are searchable by:
  • Ingredient
  • ​Title
  • ​Seasonal Challenge
  • ​Cookbook
  • ​Meal Type
  • ​Feature such as Gluten Free or Dairy Free
The meals -- created by a team of nutritionists -- are full of seasonally-based ingredients. 

The recipes (broken down by breakfast, smoothie, snack, lunch and dinner) center around pairing a carb with a fat and a protein. This is the optimal healthy eating equation to keep you feeling full, burn fat and stabilize blood sugar.

Monthly Nutrition & Wellness Education

We'll discuss deeper health topics than what’s available in one of CCN’s seasonal challenges and give you weekly to-do's that relate to the Monthly Theme to help you work towards whole body health.

Weekly Accountability Emails

We're like your best friend, sending you check-in emails weekly with what to be focusing on and what we're paying attention to in order to stay on track.

LIVE Zoom Calls with Cara Clark

You'll have two opportunities each month to jump on Zoom live with Cara:
  • Monthly Education + Goal Setting - First Thursday of every month
  • ​Coffee with Cara: Hear what Cara has been researching lately + get your burning health & wellness questions answered - Third Thursday of every month

Community Forum + Private Facebook Group

Engage with the community and get your questions answered in two ways - in our topic specific forums, or inside of our thriving private Facebook Community for CCN Difference Maker Members Only.

Monthly Givaways!

We've partnered with some of the best in the health and wellness industry and are excited to give away tons of amazing things to our members each month!!!

Members Only Portal

Inside our easy-to-navigate portal, you'll get an insider look at what the CCN Team is reading, listening to, products we are loving, workouts we're doing, as well as quick links to zoom calls and monthly theme content.


Exclusive Monthly Recipe Card Mailed to your home

Each month we develop a new recipe exclusively for our CCN Difference Makers Members that supports the health and wellness theme for that month.

In the past these recipes were delivered via email... but we're taking it up a notch with our brand new membership and delivering them straight to your house! (Don't worry, they'll also live inside our members portal as well.)

We know that in this digital age, sometimes it's just nice to have a recipe card in your hand instead of on your phone.

PLUS! Sign up before December 12th and receive all Twelve of the 2022 Recipe Cards in the mail as a special Holiday Thank you!


30% OFF Future Seasonal Challenges

Whether you're looking for fresh seasonal recipes or extra accountability, seasonal challenges are a great way to stay connected and engaged in the CCN Community. 

As a CCN Difference Maker Member, you'll receive the deepest discount we've ever offered on our Seasonal Challenges. After 6 months, those recipes will be added to our ongoing database for future reference.

Results You Can Expect

Become a CCN Difference Maker and let us show you how to:

  • Maintain Health Habits
  • ​Proper Nourishment
  • ​Kick A Sugar Addiction
  • ​Better Sleep Patterns
  • ​Higher Energy
  • ​Stop Yo-Yo Diets
  • ​Enjoy Exercise
  • ​Consistent Water Intake
  • ​Not Feel Defeated By A "Cheat" Meal
  • ​Eliminate Stress Of Mealtime
  • ​​Maintain Consistent Blood Sugar
  • ​Master Intuitive Eating
  • ​Combine Macros With Carb, Protein And Fat
  • ​Release Food Restrictions
  • ​Deep Dive Into Difficult Nutrition Topics
  • ​Understand Hormones Health
  • ​Manage Weight
  • ​Maintain Energy
  • ​Burn Fat For Fuel
  • ​Eat A Variety Of Fruit And Vegetables
  • ​Lower Risk Of Diabetes, Thyroid-Related Disease, Allergies And Eating Disorders

Nourish Your Body

Health & Wellness Starts With Food

Hi, I’m Cara Clark,

The primary nutritionist at Cara Clark Nutrition (CCN). I’ve helped over 20,000 households -- from moms to celebrities, college students to Olympic athletes, retired seniors to business moguls. I’m a certified sports and clinical nutritionist. 

I began studying nutrition when I was a professional college athlete wanting to understand how to properly fuel my body. After discovering much of the available nutritional information was geared toward men, it ignited my passion: educating women on proper health and nutrition.

Ready to Join Us?

Many people only see a nutritionist when they’re at a crisis point. With our membership, you’ll enjoy regular access to a team of nutritionists. 

Our CCN Members Report:

  • Higher Energy
  • Easier Workouts
  • ​Glowing Complexion
  • ​No Food Deprivation
  • ​Consistent, Stable Blood Sugar
  • ​Lower Cholesterol
  • ​Less Bloated
  • ​No Brain Food
  • ​Manage Weight
  • ​Eliminate Emotional Eating
  • ​Wake Up Their Metabolism
  • ​Lower Risk Of Diabetes, Thyroid-Related Disease, Allergies And Eating Disorders

“I want you to be masters of your own bodies, to engage in your own health.”

- Cara Clark

We’re looking for people engaged in their health, who are ready to transform their health. 

Are you in? Membership is currently open for new clients.

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