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Looking for a simple way to jumpstart your journey into healthier eating habits with many of the staples you already have in your pantry?

You don’t have to completely revamp your shopping or cooking routines to work toward a healthier relationship with food!

Join certified nutritionist Cara Clark for a nutrition and lifestyle opportunity that will help you take the first steps without having to buy #allthethings!


The Ready. Set. PREP! Challenge

7-Day Health Challenge - Only $27!

With the right balance of nutrition and ease, we can make getting started a stress-free endeavor that makes us feel more energized and empowered than ever before!

Women today are facing an uphill battle when they begin most diets…

  • Constant trips to the health food store for expensive ingredients you’ve never tried (or even heard of!)
  • Overly restrictive meal-prep that takes hours and doesn’t satisfy your grumbling tummy or tastebuds
  • Separate family meals because the picky eaters around your dinner table won’t touch your new food

With this kind of struggle, it’s no wonder that 95% of diets are unsustainable.

sound familiar?

Then you’ve come to the right place… 

What if a quick and easy 7-day challenge made getting started less challenging? (and included a supportive community of new friends on the same food journey as you!)

What if you could create complete meals quickly and easily that contain whole foods, balanced macros, dense nutrition, AND the whole family enjoyed?

Get instant access to my Ready. Set. Prep! Challenge for ONLY $27 >>>

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This challenge is designed to fast track a healthier relationship with food!

But it can also form the foundation of a healthy diet with LIFETIME ACCESS to the materials including dozens of delicious recipes, private online community, health-boosting bonuses, and so much more to keep you feeling and looking your best from here on out.

With the Ready. Set. PREP! Challenge, you’re not just getting 7 days of simple & satisfying recipes…

  • You’re getting the FREEDOM to make empowered choices about your nutrition that fits into your lifestyle without any additional stress or shopping trips!
  • You’re getting the CONFIDENCE to eat well and create new healthy habits without fear of failure because, with this challenge, there’s no such thing!
  • You’re getting the OPPORTUNITY to put a focus on mind, body, and spirit as you intentionally and intuitively approach mealtime without a hint of deprivation!

The Ready. Set. PREP! Challenge has everything YOU need to experience a choose-your-own-adventure meal plan with many items that are already in your pantry and freezer!

"The biggest difference for me, compared to the standard diet culture, is that this feels like I’m nourishing my body, not depriving it."

“This is my first time trying CCN and taking part in a challenge. It is a big mind shift for me. I really appreciate all of the nutrient-rich ingredients, and I’m pretty blown away by the great flavors in all of the recipes. The food is delicious, the support is outstanding, and if you’re committed to fitting this into your life, it will be so worth it!” 
-- Amy G

what's included

Inside this challenge, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to:

  • A 7-day mix-and-match meal plan that makes it easy to prep with what’s already in your pantry
  • A behind-the-scenes look at what my team and I actually eat in a day with some of our favorite recipes
  • And 5 food prep guides that will save you time and money as you give these meals your own spin

You’ll find swaps and suggestions that make it easy to prep these meals vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and more so that even your pickiest eaters will LOVE these recipes.

(Chocolate Donuts with Peanut Butter Drizzle, anyone?)

PLUS you’ll get FREE access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, and swap tips & tricks in our community!

Support is the key to success, so participation in these social aspects of our challenge is highly encouraged and joining with a friend is best of all! 

Get started today for only one payment of


Wondering who’s taking all the guesswork out of getting your healthy eating on?

Hi, I'm Cara...

Owner & Primary Certified Nutritionist at Cara Clark Nutrition

I work with individuals and groups to promote overall health and to manage a wide range of nutrition-related issues.

With a ‘non-dieting’ approach, I have helped clients manage weight, energy, performance, diabetes, thyroid related disease, allergies, eating disorders and more.

My passion for nutrition & wellness grew as I performed athletically at the collegiate level. With experience in the industry dating back since childhood, my goal is to expose as many people as possible to optimal health for elite performance.

I am not only a professional, but a wife and a mother to four daughters, which makes me very sensitive to the needs of each individual client.

I'm a Certified Sports and Clinical Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, diabetes, prenatal, postpartum and sports nutrition. I received a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern State University and am continuing my education for a master’s degree in Health Science.

In the past few years, I've worked with celebrities including the OC housewives and Christina El Moussa from HGTV’s Flip or Flop. I've also worked with Olympic athletes and prepared top NBA and MLB prospects for the draft and their careers.

But more than that, I pride myself in being able to serve the every day client with nutritionally sound and delicious cook books and the group challenge program my team has been offering for 7 years.

here's what i know...

In the 8+ years my team and I have offered challenges, we’ve met countless women who struggled to get started out of a fear of “failure”.
But with this challenge failure simply isn’t on the menu. 
Sure, this Ready. Set. PREP! Challenge is meant to help you stay on track to reach your health goals in just one week -- but you’ll have these materials for life.   

You can try these recipes now and come back to them anytime your healthy eating habits need a quick boost. 

There’s no need for cold turkey -- unless you’re into that as a quick snack!

We believe that changing the way you eat should be an easy and empowering process with a heaping side of self-reliance and autonomy.  

You have nothing to lose except for the unhealthy habits that leave you feeling deprived and defeated. 

No matter where you’re at in your journey with healthier eating habits, my commitment and focus are on YOU…

As a Certified Sports and Clinical Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, diabetes, prenatal, postpartum, and sports nutrition, I’ve had the opportunity to explore clean eating and healthy habits with clients ranging from Olympic athletes to reality TV stars.

But my greatest source of pride has always been serving my everyday clients with group challenge programs that can meet you exactly where you’re at and help you make lasting changes in your lifestyle without sacrificing your joy, sanity, or family mealtime.

The A's to your Q's

How is this challenge different than other challenges out there?

This challenge is different in that it's only a week long. The meals in this challenge focus on pantry items you may already have, hopefully cutting down on the planning and prep you would need to start it. It also is written in a mix and match format so that you're able to truly customize it based on what you have on hand and your dietary preferences. Healthy habits are sustainable when they are easy and this challenge delivers on easy!

I can’t have carbs, if I see a carb I gain weight. Is this challenge right for me?

We believe at CCN through science that there are 6 essential nutrients, broken down into 3 macros and 3 micros. The 3 macros are CARBS, fat and protein. Whenever a program removes an entire essential nutrient or decreases it to minuscule amounts, that should be a huge red flag. 

We think of fuel/calories in terms of exercise, but we actually need fuel all day every day to keep things running smoothly. Carbs are the most effective way to fuel bodily functions: hormone levels, regulating body temperature, digesting food, etc. If we go too long without them, we could potentially cause our livers and kidneys to work too hard borrowing "fuel" from them. 

We eat carbs to fuel our brains and bodies and target fat cells. We keep the glucose in our bodies balanced and usable. We eat the right amounts to optimize nutrient absorption and keep our organs doing their jobs. 

Trust us, everyone needs carbs - the right carbs! And when eaten along with protein and fat, carbs are for everyone.

I have very specific nutritional needs, but want to participate. Are there accommodations, and are they still as effective?

Absolutely! Many of our challenge participants have anywhere from a slight intolerance to one food all the way to an exhaustive list of allergies. The beauty of CCN is that we can accommodate almost everyone.

The challenge comes with a swap/substitution list to help. And if you ever need helping figuring out what to substitute, we're just an email away! 

I am pregnant and/or nursing. Can I still participate?

Yes! Our challenges are safe for pregnant women and are nursing friendly because CCN focuses on whole, natural foods. No weird supplements or ingredients you've never heard of here! 

Are the plans so restrictive that I will have to cook two different meals for myself and my spouse/family?

Your family truly can do the entire challenge with you, if they want. We focus on whole, natural foods and everyone (even kids) can benefit from a balanced and stable blood sugar. With that said, our challenges are also easily adaptable for individual needs. For example, you might serve a taco meat dinner differently - in a quesadilla for your kids, a burrito for your husband, and a taco salad for yourself - but you are still only cooking one meal. 

what others are saying about the challenge...

“This is a challenge that really isn’t a challenge but a way of life. having new recipes and quick reference ideas are amazing. We all want easy, and sustainable ways to eat and feel well and this is a simple introduction that is not overwhelming with too many options. Classic & simplified is very appealing.”  
-- Tammy S. 

“Such easy recipes and most ingredients are already in our pantry. This week was my cheapest grocery run in a year! (Because I had most of the items on hand). And they’re super yummy!”
-- Brianna C.

“This challenge helped me put the focus back on health with the freedom to use ingredients on hand. This community is so wonderful, so supportive. And I have found all the CCN recipes easy to follow with delicious results. I needed this!” 
-- Ronit H. 

“I love that it’s focused on using what’s in your pantry. We follow CCN pretty well, but when something doesn’t go to plan, I fall on old habits and order take out. This challenge gives me the tools to stock my pantry/freezer so I can better handle those days. I feel that this allows me to set myself up for the non-challenge times and what are considered staples.” 
-- Kristen L.

Are you ready to take the

Ready. Set. PREP! Challenge


Improve everything from your skin to your sleep schedule while making peace with the number that’s on the scale and having more energy than ever before.
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