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Join certified nutritionist Cara Clark as we transition from the less structured Summer days into full Fall routines. 

you're invited to take the...

Fall Back to Health Challenge

Fall usually aligns with a new, more structured schedule and typically means more time and freedom for us mamas. It's almost always guaranteed that we're ready to make our health a priority again.

You can get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to this live challenge for only...

$89  $77

I bet you're feeling the need to recommit. I bet you're tired of feeling the way you're feeling.

  • Tired of "winging it" when it comes to your meals.
  • ​Tired of the bloat and fatigue that comes with special celebrations and weekly BBQ's with ample foods available you wouldn't normally eat.
  • ​Tired of the lack of schedule that comes with kids out of school meaning your exercise routine often gets thrown off or forgotten all together.

Summer is SO fun and I'm just as guilty as the next person when it comes to Summer lovin'.

sound familiar?

Then you're in good company.

It's that time of year again. We can all admit that we are craving a little structure. It's time to put your health first again.

For some reason, Summer is always a phase of "winging it" for me so I am more than ready to do this!

You too?

I hope you'll join me and my whole community in the Fall Back to Health Challenge.

Just answer a few simple questions about your circumstances and goals to get a comprehensive and non-restrictive plan that was designed with you in mind and can be customized to fit your exact needs with just a few simple swaps!

Take a peek at a handful of the seasonal recipes inside of this challenge!

Chocolate Strawberry Oats

Veggie Lentil Bolognese

Banana Milkshake Smoothie

Breakfast Bowl

PB Chocolate Yogurt Cups

Here's everything you'll get when you sign up:

Inside this challenge, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to:

  • Individual Metabolic Assessment by the Cara Clark Nutrition team - the questionnaire you'll complete after registration
  • 2 week Cleanse meal plan with 4 days of transitioning trigger foods back in
  • ​1 week meal plan based on individual caloric needs
  • ​1 week quick and flexible meal plan
  • ​Food exchange list & other important references
  • ​Grocery shopping list & meal prep guide
  • ​Weekly email check-ins
  • ​Food and exercise logs
  • ​NEW Workouts!
  • ​Overall wellness, tips & activities
  • ​Facebook online group support & accountability
  • ​One month of expert nutrition guidance

plus this amazing bonus!

Hormone Health (all ages and stages) with Dr. Kaisa Coppola, DC

In a world that seems to be ever-changing, why not work to understand our own ever-changing ways--hormones! This is a good time of year to push the reset button on our hormones. What happens when we apply a little effort to our hormone system? We have more energy, sleep better at night, our skin improves and so do our moods! Sometimes we can even see a shift in how our bodies retain fat just by making a couple adjustments to improve our hormonal health.
We will be talking about: Cycle Syncing, Seed Cycling, Shifting Hormone Stages, AND MORE!

Dr. Kaisa will lead us through some 'Ask the Dr.' in relation to hormones as well!

plus this amazing bonus!

All About Hormone Health

Did you know that what you eat has a direct effect on the hormone levels in your body? We're sharing with you how you can have more energy, sleep better at night, improve your skin your moods! Sometimes we can even see a shift in how our bodies retain fat just by making a couple adjustments to improve our hormonal health.

We will be talking about: Cycle Syncing, Shifting Hormone Stages, Lifestyle Techniques for Regulating Hormones AND MORE!

You’ll find swaps and suggestions that make it easy to prep these meals vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and more!

Our Fall Back to Health Challenge is going to bring you the structure you need along with all the delicious flavors of Fall AND more convenience than ever!

Total Value - $1497

Join the challenge for only one payment of

$89  $77

limited time discount

With the Fall Back to Health Challenge, you’re not just getting 30 days of good-for-you recipes…

  • You’re getting the FREEDOM to make empowered choices about your nutrition that fits into your lifestyle without giving up restaurants or family dinners!
  • You’re getting the CONFIDENCE to eat well and create new healthy habits without fear of failure because, with this challenge, there’s no such thing!
  • You’re getting the RESULTS that you’ve been trying to achieve for years but haven’t had the tools to reach until now thanks to the Fall Back to Health Challenge!

The Fall Back to Health Challenge has everything YOU need to jump right into the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will bring out your healthiest and happiest self.

All it takes is a simple 5-minute survey to tailor this challenge to your individual needs!  

No more stressing or second-guessing, my team of experts and I have got you covered!

The cost to work with me and my team one-on-one


Right now, we want to share a very special offer because you’re on this page and I believe this is what you've been looking for. You can get the personalized Fall Back to Health Challenge for ONLY...

$89  $77

More delicious recipes!

Blanco Chicken Enchiladas

Rice Crispy Treats

Buffalo Lentil Soup

Apples, PB, & Hemp Seeds

Smash Burger

here's how it works

Step 1:

When you click the button below (or any of the buttons on this page), you will be taken to a check out form. Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to fill in a survey.

Step 2:

You'll fill in a quick 5 minute survey online so we can tailor the challenge to your specific caloric needs. (This is the special sauce)

Step 3:

Our team will review your survey and determine which plan is right for YOU. 

If you've signed up prior to August 31st, you'll receive your packets in your email the week of August 31st. If you've signed up after that, we'll email you your challenge materials after you've been assessed.

Sometimes this takes a day or two, so please be patient. This part really is necessary, and is what sets this challenge apart from all the others out there.

here's what i know...

In the 7+ years my team and I have offered challenges, we’ve met countless women who thought they had tried everything and still “failed”. 
But with this challenge failure simply isn’t on the menu.
Sure, this Fall Back to Health Challenge is meant to reprioritize your nutrition journey -- but it’s also meant to be a resource to you for months and years to come.   

We’ve designed this challenge to give you 30 days of Fall flavored structure -- but you’ll have these materials for life.

You can work at your own pace. You can pause and restart. You can lather, rinse, and repeat as often as you want or need to.

You have nothing to lose except for the unhealthy habits that aren’t serving you.

the A's to your Q's

How is this challenge different than other challenges out there?

This challenge is our most popular challenge of the year, and for good reason! Our challenges always feature seasonal foods and recipes but there is something special about Fall seasonal foods. We've taken all the Fall flavors and foods you love and packed them into this meal plan. Pumpkin donuts anyone? 

I can’t have carbs, if I see a carb I gain weight. Is this challenge right for me?

We believe at CCN through science that there are 6 essential nutrients, broken down into 3 macros and 3 micros. The 3 macros are CARBS, fat and protein. Whenever a program removes an entire essential nutrient or decreases it to minuscule amounts, that should be a huge red flag. 

We think of fuel/calories in terms of exercise, but we actually need fuel all day every day to keep things running smoothly. Carbs are the most effective way to fuel bodily functions: hormone levels, regulating body temperature, digesting food, etc. If we go too long without them, we could potentially cause our livers and kidneys to work too hard borrowing "fuel" from them. 

We eat carbs to fuel our brains and bodies and target fat cells. We keep the glucose in our bodies balanced and usable. We eat the right amounts to optimize nutrient absorption and keep our organs doing their jobs. 

Trust us, everyone needs carbs - the right carbs! And when eaten along with protein and fat, carbs are for everyone.

I have very specific nutritional needs, but want to participate. Are there accommodations, and are they still as effective?

Absolutely! Many of our challenge participants have anywhere from a slight intolerance to one food all the way to an exhaustive list of allergies. The beauty of CCN is that we can accommodate almost everyone.

Upon registration you will be asked about any dietary preferences or needs (allergies, intolerances, etc.) The challenge comes with a swap/substitution list to help. And if you ever need helping figuring out what to substitute, we're just an email away! 

I am pregnant and/or nursing. Can I still participate?

Yes! Our challenges are safe for pregnant women and are nursing friendly because CCN focuses on whole, natural foods. No weird supplements or ingredients you've never heard of here! 

Are the plans so restrictive that I will have to cook two different meals for myself and my spouse/family?

Your family truly can do the entire challenge with you, if they want. We focus on whole, natural foods and everyone (even kids) can benefit from a balanced and stable blood sugar. With that said, our challenges are also easily adaptable for individual needs. For example, you might serve a taco meat dinner differently - in a quesadilla for your kids, a burrito for your husband, and a taco salad for yourself - but you are still only cooking one meal. 

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with dozens of celebrities…

As a Certified Sports and Clinical Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, diabetes, prenatal, postpartum and sports nutrition, I’ve had the opportunity to explore clean eating and healthy habits with clients ranging from Olympic athletes to reality stars.
But my greatest source of pride has always been serving my everyday clients with group challenge programs that can meet you exactly where you’re at and help you make lasting changes in your lifestyle.

Just like Lisa -

"This isn’t a 'get thin quick fix'. It’s a sustainable lifestyle.

What sets CCN apart from other nutrition challenges is the structure and approachable aspect of each challenge. I’ve made so many improvements to my health since starting with CCN."

Why some of our past participants LOVE our challenges

“I feel great. I actually feel like the Beyoncé dancing GIF. It really amazes me how I had went so long and gotten so far away from eating real foods and didn't even realize it. Just cracks me up when I think back on it and remember the thoughts of ‘why do I feel so bad and what was wrong with me?’ That's why I am so thankful for finding this program and understanding how I can use the food for fuel and heal from within!”
-- Tabby A. 

I love the Fall challenge because it gets me back on track after a few too many summer “indulgences.” Also, I love the concept of finishing the year strong and starting the new year as the best possible version of myself instead of saving “taking care of me” for a new year’s resolution. 
-- Sue 

It really encourages me to stick to plan! While I eat this way most of the time, the challenge takes me outside of the box of our old standbys and allows for new recipes/ideas! Also, since the challenges are seasonal I get to focus on all things, in this case, FALL foods!!! Some of my absolute favorite!
-- Gina

I can’t pick one favorite thing because everything is amazing! The motivation, the support, the flexibility, the advice/questions others post in the FB group, the knowledge of the CCN team, being in a group that is happy for your successes and doesn’t judge you if you have a set back.

Are you ready to take the

Fall Back to Health Challenge?
Improve everything from your skin to your sleep schedule while making peace with the number that’s on the scale and having more energy than ever before.
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