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  • 3 of our 4-week Challenges ($277 Value)
  • 2 of our 2-week Challenges ($138 Value)
  • 10-Day Reset ($39)
  • BONUS: A Free CCN Challenge to give away to a friend or family member ($79 Value)
  • BONUS: CCN Cookbook of your choice ($29 Value)
  • BONUS: Monthly Emails filled with exclusive content and videos from Cara
  • BONUS: New and Exclusive Recipe every single month
  • BONUS: Weekly check-in emails from Cara
"CCN has changed my life. 

I am so happy that CCN offers the Annual Subscription. I gives me peace of mind that I am getting the vary best value for each one of the awesome CCN challenges. 

CCN has armed me with recipes, meal plans, and knowledge, in addition to the best support group that money can buy! I feel better than ever and I have Cara Clark Nutrition to thank!"
- Sue Chang
"The CCN team has created a wonderful easy to follow Lifestyle Program including delicious recipes, a fitness component, and wellness philosophy that allows me to eat healthy and not feel guilty about what I eat.

 Cara and her team are always available by direct message or email, and are dedicated to make our entire community feel as one. The other members are so helpful and supportive - I always have a cheerleader helping guide me to making good choices."
- Wendy Lustbader
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